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{ "category": "EuroPython 2011", "language": "English", "slug": "the-london-python-code-dojo-an-education-in-dev", "speakers": [ "Nicholas Tollervey" ], "tags": [ "community", "education" ], "id": 1013, "state": 1, "title": "The London Python Code Dojo - an Education in Developer Education", "summary": "[EuroPython 2011] Nicholas Tollervey - 24 June 2011 in \"Track Ravioli \"\n\n", "description": "The London Python Code Dojo is a community organised monthly meeting for\nPython programmers in the UK. Variously described as social coding, developer\ntraining, \"Scrapheap Challenge\" for Pythonistas and \"I didn't learn coding\nlike this when I was a lad\", we've forked the traditional code-dojo format and\nturned it into something very different.\n\nThis talk will explain and explore what happens in the dojo, how it's\norganised and why various changes were made to the classic dojo format.\nReference will also be made to influences from music education and philosophy\nof education.\n\nHopefully, by the end of the talk you'll all want to go organise a dojo!\n\n", "quality_notes": "", "copyright_text": "Standard YouTube License", "embed": "<object width=\"640\" height=\"390\"><param name=\"movie\" value=\";hl=en_US\"></param><param name=\"allowFullScreen\" value=\"true\"></param><param name=\"allowscriptaccess\" value=\"always\"></param><embed src=\";hl=en_US\" type=\"application/x-shockwave-flash\" width=\"640\" height=\"390\" allowscriptaccess=\"always\" allowfullscreen=\"true\"></embed></object>", "thumbnail_url": "", "duration": null, "video_ogv_length": null, "video_ogv_url": null, "video_ogv_download_only": false, "video_mp4_length": null, "video_mp4_url": null, "video_mp4_download_only": false, "video_webm_length": null, "video_webm_url": null, "video_webm_download_only": false, "video_flv_length": null, "video_flv_url": null, "video_flv_download_only": false, "source_url": "", "whiteboard": "", "recorded": "2011-07-24", "added": "2012-08-30T21:02:07", "updated": "2014-04-08T20:28:27.725" }