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{ "category": "EuroPython 2011", "language": "English", "slug": "how-to-make-intelligent-web-apps", "speakers": [ "Deepak Thukral" ], "tags": [ "django", "learning", "web" ], "id": 1046, "state": 1, "title": "How to make intelligent web-apps", "summary": "[EuroPython 2011] Deepak Thukral - 22 June 2011 in \"Track Ravioli \"\n\n", "description": "The primary goal of this talk is twofold: to evaluate the need of data mining\nand introduce some very cool, simple yet powerful machine learning techniques\nto audience such as classification, clustering, collaborative filtering,\nrecommendation etc in your Python web applications. This talk will conclude\nwith some explanation and limitations of machine learning algorithms.\n\nBasic knowledge of Python is sufficient. However some experience with Django,\nmeshups, machine learning or data hunger is encouraged. All talk material and\ndjango apps will be available after talk under MIT license.\n\n", "quality_notes": "", "copyright_text": "Standard YouTube License", "embed": "<object width=\"640\" height=\"390\"><param name=\"movie\" value=\";hl=en_US\"></param><param name=\"allowFullScreen\" value=\"true\"></param><param name=\"allowscriptaccess\" value=\"always\"></param><embed src=\";hl=en_US\" type=\"application/x-shockwave-flash\" width=\"640\" height=\"390\" allowscriptaccess=\"always\" allowfullscreen=\"true\"></embed></object>", "thumbnail_url": "", "duration": null, "video_ogv_length": null, "video_ogv_url": null, "video_ogv_download_only": false, "video_mp4_length": null, "video_mp4_url": null, "video_mp4_download_only": false, "video_webm_length": null, "video_webm_url": null, "video_webm_download_only": false, "video_flv_length": null, "video_flv_url": null, "video_flv_download_only": false, "source_url": "", "whiteboard": "", "recorded": "2011-07-21", "added": "2012-08-30T21:02:16", "updated": "2014-04-08T20:28:27.738" }