PyTexas 2011


PyTexas 2011, the fourth annual free Python programming conference for Texas and the surrounding region, will take place Saturday September 10 and Sunday September 11, 2011 at Texas A[HTML REMOVED] University in College Station, Texas.

Sept. 11, 2011
Number of videos:
About Python Namespaces (and Code Objects) mp4
Asynchronous Web Development with Tornado — Josh Marshall mp4
Cassandra for Python Developers — Tyler Hobbs mp4
Custom Decorators for Authentication and Authorization — Jason Zylks mp4
Daemon Slaying! Or, Unix Daemons in Python for fun and profit! — Walker Hale mp4
Getting Started with PyMongo — Jason Zylks mp4
Lightning Talks mp4
Logging De-Mystified! Basics to Advanced! — Walker Hale mp4
Packaging mp4
Programming a Simple Game in Python — Greg Lindstrom mp4
Simplify your (Python) Life — Sameer Khan mp4
The Magic of Metaprogramming — Jeff Rush mp4
Using Message Queues for Distributed Processing — Jason Zylks mp4
virtualenv, pip, and virtualenvwrapper — Jon Nials mp4