PyCon CA 2012


PyCon Canada is an initiative to strengthen the Canadian Python community.

Our main goals:

Support the efforts of Montreal Python as they prepare to host PyCon North America in 2014 and 2015. This is the first time that the main PyCon conference is going to be outside of the US. Let's take this opportunity to showcase the Canadian Python community, and step up to the challenge as speakers and volunteers.
Strengthen the Canadian Python community by providing more opportunities for us to share knowledge and ideas, encourage support and education for speaking at conferences, and increase the visibility of developers, organizations, and companies within the community.
Host an annual Canadian PyCon conference, starting now - 2012!

PyCon Canada is entirely run by volunteers who are passionate about these goals. We hope to see you at the 2012 conference!

Nov. 9, 2012
Number of videos:
An Ember.js adapter for Django — Diego Muñoz Escalante mp4
A Pure Python Genetic Algorithms Framework — Ashwin Panchapakesan mp4
Beyond Passwords: Secure Authentication with Mozilla Persona — Dan Callahan mp4
Console Applications with Urwid — Ian Ward mp4
Dancing with Big Data: Disco + Inferno — Tim Spurway & Mazdak Rezvani mp4
Distributed, Real-time Web Apps with — Gabriel Grant mp4
Gevent-socketio, cross-framework real-time web live demo — Alexandre Bourget mp4
GPIO on the Raspberry Pi — Bonnie King mp4
Graph Databases in Python — Javier de la Rosa mp4
Horizontally Scaling Your Database with Django — Ash Christopher mp4
How to Solve a Problem Like Santa Claus — Andrew Francis mp4
How you can contribute to Python — Éric Araujo mp4
Integrating Geocode Data with Python — Karen Bennet mp4
Introduction to OpenStack — Sandy Walsh mp4
Programmatically Managing Python Workloads Across Multiple Clouds — Chayim Kirshen mp4
Python for Humans — Kenneth Reitz mp4
Python in your database — Steve Singer mp4
Science And Python: retrospective of a (mostly) successful decade — Fernando Pérez mp4
Server Log Analysis with Pandas — Taavi Burns mp4
Speed Up Your Database — Anna Filina mp4
Statistical Data Exchange and Publishing - an introduction to SDMX and DSPL — Ram Venkat mp4
Success Rate of Technology Projects — Dimitri Gnidash mp4
Testing Django with Travis CI — Adam McKerlie mp4
Wilderness Labs — Albert O'Connor mp4
A Python Æsthetic: Beauty and Why I Python — Brandon Rhodes mp4
A really, really, really, fast tour of WebDriver — adam goucher mp4
Avoiding The Search Hall Of Shame — Daniel Lindsley mp4
Configuration management with ZooKeeper — Matthew Hooker mp4
Distributed Programming in Python: A Model for Strong, Eventual Consistency — James King mp4
DynamoDB and DynamoDB-Mapper -- Building scalable Python applications with Amazon's NoSQL database — Maxime Noël mp4
Everything you wanted to know about deploying web apps on Windows but were too horrified to ask — Christopher Lambacher mp4
Fail Faster, Fail Better — Meredith L. Patterson mp4
from business import logic — Bogdan Chmielewski mp4
GEvent + ZMQ — Michael Woodworth mp4
Hit the Flask and Get Some REST: Rewriting the Cloudant API in a Single Python Back End — Joan Touzet mp4
I Wish I Knew How to Quit You: Secrets to sustainable Python communities — Elizabeth Leddy mp4
Lightweight Web Services with Pyramid — Tres Seaver mp4
MongoDB and Gene databases — vid ayer mp4
Network programming for automation developers — Mark Côté mp4
NINJA-IDE, an IDE specially designed for Python — Martin Alderete mp4
Once you Scoop, no need to fork — Yannick Hold mp4
Profiling for Performance — Mike Fletcher mp4
PyCon Canada 2012 - Saturday Morning Keynote — Jessica McKellar mp4
Python and Kyotocabinet: Memory Mapped Storage — Evan Hicks mp4
Python development with Komodo IDE — Todd Whiteman mp4
SchoolTool — Douglas Cerna mp4
Supercharge web application prototypes with the App Engine Python SDK — Vlad Filippov mp4
The SQLAlchemy Session - In Depth — Mike Bayer mp4
Twisted History of Python Packaging — Mahdi Yusuf mp4
Using SendGrid Email APIs to Bring Your Eh? Game — Ian Douglas mp4
Writing self-documenting scientific code using physical quantities — Trevor Bekolay mp4