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DjangoCon AU 2013

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July 5, 2013
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A state of REST. — Curtis Maloney mp4
Core Developer Panel mp4
DjangoCon AU Lightning Talks mp4
Django Unstrained — Simon Meers mp4
Keynote: A divided web, a review of the role of frameworks — Alex Gaynor mp4
Keynote: The myth of goldilocks and the three frameworks, Pyramid, Django and Plone — Dylan Jay mp4
Porting Django apps to Python 3 — Jacob Kaplan-Moss mp4
Secrets of the testing masters — Russell Keith-Magee mp4
The Server Side: The coolest parts of backend development with Django — Tom Eastman mp4
Unleash the ponies! Using FeinCMS to add content tools that users love to any Django model — Greg Turner mp4