Shaun Walbridge

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Deploying Python Tools to GIS Users
SciPy 2014
Shaun Walbridge
Recorded: July 14, 2014Language: English

The geospatial community has coalesced around Python, both in the commercial and open source spaces. In this talk, I'll show how Python tools can be shared with users of ArcGIS, a commercial GIS system which uses Python as its primary development environment. By constructing small Python wrappers, code can be shared in graphical tools which enable non-programmers to use what you've built.

GIS Panel Discussion
SciPy 2013
Andrew Wilson , Sergio Rey , Shaun Walbridge
Recorded: July 1, 2013Language: English

Authors: Panel participants: Sergio Ray (Arizona State U), Shaun Walbridge (ESRI), Andrew Wilson (TWDB)

Track: GIS - Geospatial Data Analysis