Jason Myers

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Introduction to SQLAlchemy Core
PyCon US 2014
Jason Myers
Recorded: April 13, 2014Language: English

This talk provides a broad-based introduction to SQLAlchemy Core library. It is focused on someone new to SQLAlchemy Core, who has experience with other database technologies such as Django or SQLAlchemy ORM. We'll cover the differences between the domain-centric models of those tools compared to the schema-centric model and how we can use that to deal with common and unusual data sources.

Introduction to SQLAlchemy and Alembic Migrations
PyOhio 2013
Jason Myers
Recorded: July 27, 2013Language: English

In this talk, we'll examine how to use SQLAlchemy ORM and Core in both simple queries and query builder type applications. Next, we'll explore Alembic database migrations and how we can use them to handle database changes.