Martijn Faassen

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Morepath: a Python Web Framework with Super Powers
EuroPython 2014
Martijn Faassen
Recorded: July 24, 2014Language: English

Morepath is a server web framework written with modern, rich client web development in mind. Why another new Python web framework in 2014?

Because it can be done better: Morepath understands how to construct hyperlinks from models. Writing a generic view in Morepath is like writing any other view. With Morepath, you can reuse, extend and override apps as easily as you can construct them.

Even if you don't end up using Morepath, you will learn something about how the nature of web frameworks.

Spinning a Web Framework
PyCon DE 2013
Martijn Faassen
Recorded: Oct. 16, 2013Language: English

Over the years I've been exposed to a lot of ideas in web frameworks. Reflecting on these ideas is valuable when you build a new one, but also when you simply use an existing web framework.

In this talk I will discuss the slow genesis of Morepath, a micro web-framework with super powers that I've created, and discuss some of the ideas behind it, things I've learned, and also share some thoughts about the creative process.

The ideas behind Morepath are not revolutionary, but hopefully still make you think.