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[Poster] The State of PyCscope
PyCon US 2013
Peter Portante
Recorded: March 17, 2013Language: English

PyCscope V1.0 has been released and we want to bring folks up to speed on the current state of its features and a bit about how it works.

39. Python under PyCScope
PyCon US 2012
Peter Portante
Recorded: March 11, 2012Language: English

CScope has been around for years, and is a very useful tool to get a handle on C source code. Pycscope is an attempt to bring those benefits to the world of Python. Unfortunately, the existing version is woefully out of date. We take a walk through an attempt to update it, correct some flaws and make it more generally useful to us, while giving us a view into the Python parser.

An outsider's look at co-routines.
PyCon US 2011
Peter Portante
Recorded: March 11, 2011Language: English