Christopher Allan Webber

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PyCon 2009: Plenary: Morning Lightning Talks
PyCon US 2009
Adam Fast , Charles Severance , Christopher Allan Webber , JIm Fulton , John Hampton , John Mulder , Justin Bronn , Martin Faassen , Paul Hummer , Richard T. Saunders , Roberto Allende
Added: Feb. 23, 2012Language: English

Plenary: Morning Lightning Talks covering GeoDjango, Zope, Launchpad, JSOT, AppEngine, StackOverflow, Miro, zc.buildout and RPM, ham radio, Plyne, GozerBot, picking tools, and stop watch.

MediaGoblin Update
Christopher Allan Webber
Recorded: Oct. 11, 2012Language: English

GNU MediaGoblin is a free software media publishing system written in Python for images, video, and audio. This talk starts by tricking you into watching the mediagoblin_campaign_pitch video, and then Chris explains how he used Python to drive Blender to make the animated effects.

40. MediaGoblin: The Road to Federation
PyCon US 2012
Christopher Allan Webber , Deb Nicholson
Recorded: March 11, 2012Language: English

From just a gleam in founder Chris Webber's eye to a full tilt media hosting project supporting photos, HTML5 video, and more, the road to federation has been a wild ride so far. Come talk to us about the challenges, the fun and the future.

GNU MediaGoblin for a federated media future
Christopher Allan Webber
Recorded: June 9, 2011Language: English

Christopher Allan Webber talks about GNU MediaGoblin, a federated (decentralized) media publishing system (images, and later other media like video) written in python and under the AGPL. Infrastructure discussion describes what it means that GNU MediaGoblin uses an unframework / is "wsgi minimalist", about the choice of MongoDB and MongoKit, and how to impress an audience with ascii art mockups.

Using Blender's new BPY Python API
PyCon US 2011
Christopher Allan Webber
Recorded: March 11, 2011Language: English

Blender 2.5 (a free and open source software 3d graphics suite) includes a new BPY python API which is usable for scripting modeling, animation, etc. Learn to use this API to speed up your workflow, create procedural graphics, and cool new tools.

Using Python for Blender Animations
Christopher Allan Webber
Recorded: June 10, 2010Language: English

Creating tools with Python and Blender 2.5's bpy API

GitPython and Git Internals
Christopher Allan Webber
Recorded: Jan. 14, 2010Language: English

Chris covers how git works, the internals, and using the GitPython library.


Blender 2.5 loves Python 3
Christopher Allan Webber
Recorded: Oct. 8, 2009Language: English