Ben Rousch

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Getting Python All Up in Your Mobile with Kivy
PyOhio 2014
Ben Rousch
Recorded: July 26, 2014Language: English

You know you can use Python to make apps for desktops and the web, but did you know you can also use it to make mobile apps? Kivy is a Python GUI framework for making cross-platform multitouch applications. This talk will introduce Kivy's mobile dev stack, focusing mainly on Android. It will be made using a Kivy app on an Android device, and which was developed entirely on an Android device.

Kivy - Creating Desktop and Mobile Apps with Python
PyOhio 2013
Ben Rousch
Recorded: July 27, 2013Language: English

Learn to create cross-platform apps with Kivy, a multitouch desktop and mobile GUI framework for Python.

Using Python on Android
PyOhio 2012
Ben Rousch
Recorded: July 28, 2012Language: English

Join Ben Rousch as he takes you a journey of exploration through the many ways of using Python to program on and for Android.