Carl Meyer

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Taming dependencies with pip
DjangoCon 2011
Carl Meyer
Added: Feb. 23, 2012Language: English
Set your code free: releasing and maintaining an open-source Python project
PyCon US 2014
Carl Meyer
Recorded: April 13, 2014Language: English

Got some code that you've written that would be useful to others, but actually releasing it feels like too much new stuff to figure out? Releasing software does take some work, but this talk will take you step-by-step through the process with specific recommendations and tools. We'll cover preparing your code for release, packaging it, releasing it, and maintaining it over time.

Getting started with automated testing
PyCon US 2013
Carl Meyer
Recorded: March 16, 2013Language: English

The hardest part of testing is getting the ball rolling. Once you've picked your tools and started writing tests, the added confidence you have in making changes to your code, and the time you save in repetitive manual testing, can quickly become addictive! If you never got over that initial speedbump, or you've tried testing but it hasn't yet clicked, this talk is for you.

Testing and Django
PyCon US 2012
Carl Meyer
Recorded: March 10, 2012Language: English

A deep dive into writing tests with Django, covering Django's custom test- suite-runner and the testing utilities in Django, what all they actually do, how you should and shouldn't use them (and some you shouldn't use at all!). Also, guidelines for writing good tests (with or without Django), and my least favorite things about testing in Django (and how I'd like to fix them).

Reverse-engineering Ian Bicking's brain: inside pip and virtualenv.
Carl Meyer
Recorded: Feb. 10, 2011Language: English

Pip and virtualenv: many use them; not so many understand just how they work their magic. If you're a pip/virtualenv user but haven't yet dared crack the lid (or you have, and found it a bit difficult to follow), come along for a fast-paced guided tour. Knowing these tools will help you make more effective use of them, and might also turn you into a contributor.