Brian K. Jones

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If You Code, You Should Write
PyCon US 2013
Brian K. Jones
Recorded: March 15, 2013Language: English

Writing isn't just about dry project documentation or docstrings. It can actually be fun and interesting, and it's an enormous benefit to the community. This talk makes the case that writing is our civic duty to our community, and gives some tips to get started writing for various different venues & audiences.

Fake It Til You Make It: Unit Testing Patterns With Mocks and Fakes
PyCon US 2012
Brian K. Jones
Recorded: March 9, 2012Language: English

In this talk, aimed at intermediate Pythonistas, we'll have a look at some common, simple patterns in code, and the testing patterns that go with them. We'll also discover what makes some code more testable than others, and how mocks and fakes can help isolate the code to be tested (and why you want to do that). Finally, we'll touch on some tools to help make writing and running tests easier.