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Eric Snow

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Namespaces in Python
PyCon US 2013
Eric Snow
Recorded: March 17, 2013Language: English

In the infamous words of Tim Peters, "Namespaces are one honking great idea -- let's do more of those!" (PEP 20) Python's type system is built on the basis of well-bounded namespaces. Come look behind the curtain and you'll see Python in a whole new light. We'll also talk about how to put this knowledge to use whenever you write modules, classes, and functions.

Getting the Most Out of Python Imports
PyCon US 2012
Eric Snow
Recorded: March 10, 2012Language: English

To really take advantage of Python you must understand how imports work and how to use them effectively. In this talk we'll discuss both of these. After a short introduction to imports, we'll dive right in and look at how customizing import behavior can make all your wildest dreams come true.

Interfaces and Python
PyCon US 2012
Eric Snow
Recorded: March 9, 2012Language: English

In 2.6, Python introduced the Abstract Base Classes. Before that we had "protocols" (and we still do). In this talk we'll look at how the general concept of interfaces fits into today's Python. We'll also look at some of the alternate proposals of the past, some of the controversies around ABCs, and the direction interfaces might go in the future.