Nick Coghlan

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Nick Coghlan: Python Beyond (C)Python (Keynote)
Kiwi PyCon 2014
Nick Coghlan
Recorded: Sept. 13, 2014Language: English
Nobody Expects the Python Packaging Authority
PyCon AU 2013
Nick Coghlan
Recorded: July 6, 2013Language: English

These are interesting times for the Python packaging ecosystem, with the Python Packaging Authority (creators of the popular pip and virtualenv tools) emerging as the umbrella brand for a suite of related tools that will bring support for updated packaging standards to both the upcoming Python 3.4 and to existing versions of Python.

This talk will cover some of the history of Python's packaging tools and systems, where we are now, and where we aim to go in the future.

Panel: Directions for Packaging
PyCon US 2013
Daniel Holth , √Čric Araujo , Jason R. Coombs , JIm Fulton , Marcus Smith , Nick Coghlan , Richard Jones
Recorded: March 16, 2013Language: English

What needs to happen to finally offer a first-class packaging experience to Python users? Several of the people working directly on that problem will be here to answer your questions.

Path Dependent Development: Why on Earth are you using SQL Alchemy as a JSON validator?
PyCon AU 2012
Nick Coghlan
Recorded: Aug. 22, 2012Language: English

The PulpDist project uses SQL Alchemy as part of a custom JSON validator. This could be seen as an unusual choice, so it's worth exploring the way this approach came to be adopted. Practicing iterative development means coping with the tension between "doing the simplest thing that could possibly work" to meet immediate project requirements and avoiding "reinventing the wheel".

Panel: Python 3
PyCon AU 2011
Nick Coghlan , Raymond Hettinger , Richard Jones
Recorded: Aug. 23, 2011Language: English

This is a panel discussion in which Nick Coghlan, Raymond Hettinger and Richard Jones discuss the state of Python 3, some of the new features, the 3rd party adoption, migration strategies and open to the floor for questions.

How Python Evolves (and How You Can Help Make It Happen)
PyCon AU 2011
Nick Coghlan
Recorded: Aug. 22, 2011Language: English

The CPython reference interpreter lies at the heart of a much wider Python ecosystem. The decisions that shape the future development of CPython ripple out and have a broad impact on the entire Python community. This talk covers the special place CPython occupies in the broader Python community, how the decisions that affect CPython's development are made, and how new developers can become involved in that process..