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Tinkering with Tkinter
PyCon AU 2013
Russell Keith-Magee
Recorded: July 7, 2013Language: English

Tkinter - the Python wrapper to the Tk graphics library - has been part of the Python standard library since very early on. However, that inclusion hasn't translated into extensive use.

There was a very good reason for this. Tk's documentation was beyond awful. And if you managed to get over that hurdle, Tkinter apps looked awful - they had a woefully inadequate set of widgets, styled with the very best of mid 1990's open source graphic skill.

And then, the world got obsessed with web frameworks, and the desktop was declared as dead.

However, in the last few years, many of the reasons Tkinter was ignored have been quietly fixed. Tk 8.4 massively improved the visual appearance of Tk. has emerged, addressing many of the problems with Tk documentation.

In this talk, you'll get a re-introduction to an old friend, and an explanation of why, in a web and mobile world, you should care.

Secrets of the testing masters
DjangoCon AU 2013
Russell Keith-Magee
Recorded: July 5, 2013Language: English

Django ship with a wide range of tools to help you test your web application, but some of the best tools for testing Django don't come in the box.

In this talk, you'll get a brief introduction to two of those tools - Mock and Factory Boy - showing when they should be used, and some practical examples of their usage in a Django test suite.

DjangoCon 2012 Keynote - Russell Keith-Magee
DjangoCon 2012
Russell Keith-Magee
Recorded: Oct. 6, 2012Language: English

DjangoCon 2012 - Keynote - Russell Keith-Magee

Get off the bench: Making the leap from user to contributor
DjangoCon 2012
Russell Keith-Magee
Recorded: Sept. 6, 2012Language: English

Django -- like all Open Source projects -- is only as good as the community of people that contribute to it. We have a huge user community, but the vast majority of users never make the leap and become contributors. This talk will walk you through the process of making the transition from Django user, to Django Project contributor.

No! Bad Pony!
PyCon AU 2012
Russell Keith-Magee
Recorded: Aug. 22, 2012Language: English

The Django community is not short of ideas that could be added to the core repository. Some of these ideas are great, and are just waiting for the right implementation or the attention of a core developer. Other ideas are just not going to happen. However, it's not always obvious why an idea will be rejected. This talk will attempt explain the reasoning behind a couple of specific decisions. More broadly, this talk will aims to provide general guidance on the decision making process of the Django core. It will also address how you can get started contributing to Django.

Panel: Python in the webs
PyCon AU 2011
Dylan Jay , Malcolm Tredinnick , Richard Jones , Russell Keith-Magee
Recorded: Aug. 22, 2011Language: English

This will be a panel discussion wherein we wax philosophical about the state of web frameworks in Python - talking about invention, reinvention, multitudes of choice, how all of them suck, etc. Panelists will include Dylan Jay, Malcolm Tredinnick, Russell Keith-Magee and Richard Jones.