Andy Terrel

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Reproducible, Relocatable, Customizable Builds and Packaging with HashDist Part1
SciPy 2014
Andy Terrel , Aron Ahmadia , Chris Kees , Dag Sverre Seljebotn , Ondrej Certik
Recorded: July 9, 2014Language: English

This talk introduces HashDist, a critical component of the scientific software development workflow. HashDist enables highly customizable, source-driven, and reproducible builds for scientific software stacks. HashDist builds can be made relocatable, allowing the easy redistribution of binaries on all three major operating systems as well as cloud and supercomputing platforms.

You Win or You SciPy
SciPy 2014
Andy Terrel , Anthony Scopatz , Katy Huff
Recorded: July 9, 2014Language: English

Reflections on the State of Scientific Python

Python beyond the CPU
PyCon US 2013
Andy Terrel , Mark Florisson , Travis Oliphant
Recorded: March 13, 2013Language: English

Accelerators are the hottest tool in high performance computing but applicable to all fields. We present how to use Python's amazing ability to abstract away the low-level boiler-plate code turning accelerators from an exotic curiosity to a daily tool.

Performance Python Panel Discussion
SciPy 2012
Andy Terrel
Recorded: July 18, 2012Language: English