Thomas Fetherston

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Code Reading Python
PyOhio 2013
Thomas Fetherston
Recorded: July 27, 2013Language: English

You know enough Python now to write small programs, but you want to be able to write bigger ones. A good step towards that is studying existing programs, and open source provides lots to learn from. You may even want to choose one so you can contribute to it.

Reading code is an acquired skill, we will explore ways to do that effectively.

Leo: A paradigm shifting IDE
PyOhio 2012
Thomas Fetherston
Recorded: July 28, 2012Language: English

Leo is a pure python, open source outliner, often used as an IDE. As a project manager, it handles all your files, no matter what language(s) you're using. Uniquely, it lets you to organize your projects below the file level, (elsewhere only doable informally with section comments). Using outlines supports thinking & organizing, allowing big/little picture focus shifts. Its great for code study.