Dan Crosta

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Performance Testing and Profiling: A Virtuous Cycle
PyCon US 2014
Dan Crosta
Recorded: April 13, 2014Language: English

Donald Knuth famously said that we should avoid optimization 97% of the time and focus on the "critical 3%". How can we identify that 3%? How can we best focus our optimization efforts, and avoid the "root of all evil" that is premature optimization? This talk introduces key types of performance testing, and demonstrates how they can be paired with profiling techniques in a cycle of improvement.

Exploring Python Code Objects
PyOhio 2012
Dan Crosta
Recorded: July 29, 2012Language: English

Python is an interpreted language, right? Wrong! In this talk, dive deep into Python bytecode, and learn what actually happens in everyone's favorite Python program, 'print "Hello world"'. Learn to use the compile() and exec statement, understand what your Python code is doing with the dis and compiler modules, and discover new ways to explore and enjoy Python at a low level.