Amjith Ramanujam

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Introduction to Docker
PyCon US 2014
Amjith Ramanujam
Recorded: April 13, 2014Language: English

Docker is a tool for sandboxing entire application environments using Linux containers. Docker's feature set includes versioning, sharing etc. They are light-weight and fast, you can recreate a deployment environment in development or push your development containers to production. Imagine never having to worry about fragmentation of servers or syncing the versions of different libraries.

Python Profiling
PyCon US 2013
Amjith Ramanujam
Recorded: March 15, 2013Language: English

This talk will give a tour of different profiling techniques available for Python applications. We'll cover specific modules in Python for doing function profiling and line level profiling. We'll show the short comings of such mechanisms in production and discuss how to do sampled profiling of specific functions. We'll finish with statistical profilers that use thread stack interrogation.

Debugging Live Python Web Applications
DjangoCon 2012
Amjith Ramanujam
Recorded: Sept. 4, 2012Language: English

Monitoring tools record the result of what happened to your web application when a problem arises, but for some classes of problems, monitoring systems are only a starting point. Sometimes it is necessary to take more intrusive steps to plan for the unexpected by embedding mechanisms that will allow you to interact with a live deployed web application and extract even more detailed information.