Christophe Pettus

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PostgreSQL Proficiency for Python People
PyCon US 2014
Christophe Pettus
Recorded: April 12, 2014Language: English

PostgreSQL has become the default database for most green-field development projects, and is the data storage architecture behind many major Python-based success stories, such as Instagram. Despite a reputation as being complex and fiddly, Postgres is easy to install, administer, maintain, and use... with just a little bit of orientation.This is that orientation.

PostgreSQL when it's not your job
DjangoCon 2012
Christophe Pettus
Recorded: Sept. 4, 2012Language: English

In this DevOps world, Django developers are increasingly being asked to manage the database as well. In 40 brisk minutes, we will talk about (nearly) everything you need to know to bring up, tune, and keep a PostgreSQL database health. We'll go over installation, basic tuning, backups, disaster recovery, and helpful tools and techniques.