Julia Elman

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Designers + Developers: Collaborating on your Python project
PyCon US 2013
Julia Elman , Mark Lavin
Recorded: March 16, 2013Language: English

Working in teams is an important part of what we do as developers & designers. Whether it's desktop applications or mobile sites, we work together to create successful end products. But how do we work together in different environments? What is the best work-flow for a mix of skill sets?

We'll be talking about our various methods & work-flows that we found successful in working collaboratively.

Is Django for Designers?
DjangoCon 2012
Julia Elman
Recorded: Sept. 6, 2012Language: English

How designer friendly is Django? This talk reviews the history of Django and how it came to be one of the most designer friendly frameworks around. We will review the Django design methodology and how simple it is for designers to get started creating and publishing their own projects.