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Tennessee Leeuwenburg

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Solving problems by sharing them... with Python!
PyCon AU 2013
Tennessee Leeuwenburg
Recorded: July 7, 2013Language: English

By using a variety of techniques and technologies, you can tap into the expert knowledge of others more effectively. Revision control and code reviews are great for software quality, but not everyone is going to work that way. Tools such as ipython notebook, sharing gists, demonstration sessions and screencasts are a great way to get others involved in problem solving. Knowing how to use these tools quickly and effectively can also be a great way to explain problems to management, or to walk them through a complex requirement.

Virtual robotic car racing with Python and TORCS
PyCon AU 2012
Tennessee Leeuwenburg
Recorded: Aug. 22, 2012Language: English

A highly visual (racing videos) presentation showing the TORCS racing simulator, a Python implementation of a virtual robot car, and a covering of the basic AI algorithms required to make the wheels go round. AI, math, Python an

Visualising architecture
PyCon AU 2012
Tennessee Leeuwenburg
Recorded: Aug. 21, 2012Language: English

Architecture. It's an oxymoron all by itself, and using Python is no silver bullet to the perennial problem of code rot and design complexity. How does complexity bite us in practise? What tools exist to simplify and explain arc