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Katherine Scott

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Hello Physical World: A Crash Course on the Internet of Things
PyCon US 2014
Katherine Scott
Recorded: April 12, 2014Language: English

Live and direct from the PyCon stage learn how to connect your things to the internet! In this talk we'll connect physical things and people to the internet. In this talk we will live code a tiny web server that interacts with the physical world via sensors, actuators, video, and audio. We will explore tools in the Python ecosystem that make this possible and show how they work together.

SimpleCV - Computer Vision using Python
PyCon US 2013
Katherine Scott
Recorded: March 15, 2013Language: English

This talk is a brief summary of Computer Vision tutorial we proposed for PyCon. In this talk we will discuss what computer vision is, why it's useful, what tools exist in the Python ecosystem, and how to apply it to your project. The talk will focus on the SimpleCV library but also touch upon NumPy. SciPy and iPython notebooks.

A Gentle Introduction to Computer Vision
PyCon US 2013
Katherine Scott
Recorded: March 14, 2013Language: English

Do you want to create a script to warp your photos, scrape your photo archive for images of cats, or create a dart turret that follows your face? This tutorial will show you how to do this and a whole lot more with computer vision. The tutorial will be suitable for all levels of developers and is a great way for python novice’s to explore the world of computer vision.