Senthil Kumaran

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What's new and interesting in standard library
PyCon US 2012
Senthil Kumaran
Recorded: March 11, 2012Language: English

This talk distills some intereting stuff from What's new document from 2.7, 3.2 and upcoming 3.3 release. Look out for those new arguments to your favorite methods, functions add the wow! factor to your code. Heard of @lru_cache?

State of CPython and Python Ecosystem
PyCon AU 2011
Senthil Kumaran
Recorded: Aug. 22, 2011Language: English

This a high level overview of the State of CPython interpreter and other python interpreters. The talk will mention about the &nbsp_place_holder;changes in 3.2 release and changes coming up in 3.3 release and status of Python2.7. It will also give the details of current state of PyPy Project, IronPython project and Jython Project..

Python 201: How to Solve It Using Python
PyCon US 2010
Senthil Kumaran
Recorded: Feb. 19, 2010Language: English