Kushal Das

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Teaching Python: To Infinity and Beyond
PyCon US 2014
Kushal Das
Recorded: April 12, 2014Language: English

Dgplug summer training is a free online IRC based course which aims to teach FOSS ideas and programming in general using Python to new programmers/stduents. In this talk we share our experiences, lesson learned, hoping that people will be able to replicate this in other parts of the world.

[Poster] Darkserver: Help to Debug Userspace
PyCon US 2013
Kushal Das
Recorded: March 17, 2013Language: English

Darkserver is a set of tools and service written in Python to help developers to debug their applications & libraries. Darkserver project was started to use Build-ID feature of compiler toolchains and help developer tools to identify exact package builds from which process images (e.g. core dumps) come. This can enable their analysis, debugging profiling.