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Python Dark Corners Revisited


Python can be deceptive - it looks so simple.


Python can be deceptive - it looks so simple. Surely it will take only 5 to 10 minutes to learn.

Self taught programmers often miss important fundamentals in Python - including:

  • Everything is an Object. Yes everything. Integers, 'real' objects, functions, classes. Ooooh template metaprogramming.
  • It's only a name. Whoops. True, False, no longer None.
  • 'Objects can change their type'. Not.
  • How the heck to a actually make a copy
  • Which parts of tuples are constant?
  • Deep and Shallow - weren't not talking philosophy here
  • Accidental name creation - there's no easy solution
  • Argument passing, Mutable arguments, default arguments, Mutable default arguments
  • Questions