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Python IDEs Panel


Python IDEs Panel

Moderated by Michael Foord

  • Dino Viehland - Python Tools for Visual Studio
  • Dmitry Jemerov - PyCharm
  • Todd Whiteman - ActiveState Komodo IDE
  • Stephan Deibel - WingWare IDE
  • Barry Warsaw - Emacs

As Python becomes more popular, more users are wanting IDEs that provide code completion, integrated source code control, project management, and other developer tools. This panel includes representatives from a number of Python- specific or Python-supporting IDE vendors, showing the ways that IDEs can speed up development on any platform.


For many developers, IDEs are an essential tool-just as essential as source code control. The growth of Python in recent years has led to a number of projects and vendors developing Python-specific or Python-supporting IDEs. This panel will allow attendees to compare and contrast the different IDEs available.