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Fast Serialization of Numpy Arrays with Bloscpack


Bloscpack [1] is a reference implementation and file-format for fast serialization of numerical data. It features lightweight, chunked and compressed storage, based on the extremely fast Blosc [2] metacodec and supports serialization of Numpy arrays out-of-the-box. Recently, Blosc -- being the metacodec that it is -- has received support for using the popular and widely used Snappy [3], LZ4 [4], and ZLib [5] codecs, and so, now Bloscpack supports serializing Numpy arrays easily with those codecs! In this talk I will present recent benchmarks of Bloscpack performance on a variety of artificial and real-world datasets with a special focus on the newly available codecs. In these benchmarks I will compare Bloscpack, both performance and usability wise, to alternatives such as Numpy's native offerings (NPZ and NPY), HDF5/PyTables [6], and if time permits, to novel bleeding edge solutions. Lastly I will argue that compressed and chunked storage format such as Bloscpack can be and somewhat already is a useful substrate on which to build more powerful applications such as online analytical processing engines and distributed computing frameworks. [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]: [6]:

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