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Pythonist view on Microservices & Containerization


Microservices architecture and containerization are words thrown around when we talk about designing systems that are loosely coupled, although it may sound like buzz words but these key concepts play a very important part in system as a whole.

In this talk, we will cover how microservices can be implemented in python using available open source frameworks and how it can be deployed independently to scale and perform in production environment. I'll also share several use-cases where it is worth planning and developing system architecture considering microservices/containerization and will also discuss some trade-off of having such architecture.


  • Overview of microservices
  • Implementing microservices using Python
  • Advantages of microservices over Monolithic / SoA architecture
  • Overview of containerization
  • How to containerize Python based services (Docker)
  • Advantages of microservices/containerization over traditional deployment
  • CI/CD Approach in microservices and containerization
  • Usecases where to use microservices
  • Trade-off of using microservices


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