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Thank You

Towards the beginning of 2016, Will and Sheila decided to step down as maintainers of You can read more about why they stepped down at Will's blog.

Prior to stepping down, Will and Sheila spent years building out and maintaining (Will's first commit was in May, 2010). Their tireless efforts are the reason we have such a rich collection of videos indexed today. It's because of this work that thousands can learn and grow with Python who may not have been able to do so before. Thank you.

What Now

Will and Sheila's work will continue but at a slightly different repo.

For now, work is continuing at and The first repo contains the code that is used to build this static site. The second repo contains the all the data that is present on this site.

Both repos are completely volunteer driven and help is welcome. If you're interested in helping out and want to ask a few questions, feel free to join us on our two channels.