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Post djangocon: An overview of edX

By yarko


edX is a major django application serving huge numbers of students for MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Berkely, and more.

  • A brief history of Computer-Based Instruction (python has a role);
  • incomplete survey of current open-source CBI;
  • edX: how's it different / what's it's rough structure, what (besides django/python) is involved;
  • edX: hacking the platform (django development);
  • edX: hacking courses; a deployment-level VM, and how to get started there;
  • finally:
    • future topics: deployment; what this can't do (maybe) and why;
  • wrapup:
    • call for interest & edx project night(s);

I'll try to have some USBs for anyone who want to try one of the edX VMs during the talk


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