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Large Problems in Django, Mostly Solved


This talk is based on my popular series of blog posts highlighting applications from the community. I will highlight some of the best applications that the Django/Python community has put together, talk about places that are lacking, and talk about what these popular applications have in common.

Part 1

I have written a series of blog posts about "Large problems" in the community, and how they have been solved by members of our community with reusable apps. Previously I have covered:

  • Delayed Execution
  • Search
  • APIs
  • Documentation
  • Database Migrations

I will update my thoughts on these issues, as well as talking about a couple of other new issues that I think that have been solved in a decent way. These include:

  • Remote Command Execution
  • Debugging in Development
  • Continuous Integration

Part 2

In this part I will highlight issues that are still headaches for the Community. These are places where there is a good chance for growth for third party apps, and places where I have personally found some friction in my development. A couple examples of this are:

  • Deployment
  • Class Based Views / Thread Safety
  • Debugging Production Environments

Part 3

From the above applications that are well done, what makes a popular reusable app? This won't be my thoughts, but more looking at apps that have been successful and trying to see what they have in common. A good app and a good reusable app are necessarily different, and I think it will be interesting to look at what traits make reusable apps popular.

Large problems posts

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