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Creating Dynamic Applications with Django and Backbone.js


See how well Django and Backbone.js can complement each other, and learn a few best-practices for building dynamic web applications using these tools in concert.


Django is a great tool for creating powerful database-driven web applications quickly. The ORM, form processing, the admin interface, and wealth of community applications make Django the right tool for a number of situations.

One thing that Django doesn’t do well is make it terribly easy to create highly-interactive, dynamic interfaces. There are solutions that people are working on. This talk will be about using Django with Backbone.js to help create these interfaces. Backbone.js is a Javascript framework that, in many ways, sees the world in the same way as Django. These two tools can complement each other nicely.


  • Similarities and differences in how the two frameworks see the world
  • Creating REST interfaces with Django REST Framework
  • Tools to ease the interface between Django and Backbone
  • Templating strategies
  • Shortcomings and implications on accessibility


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