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Views can be Classy!


An overview of what class-based views (CBVs) are, which ones are available, and how to use them in your projects. I'll also cover creating mixins, where function-based views still make sense, and how to test CBVs. As part of this, I'll be covering my django-braces ( package.


It seems like most people in the Django community either don't have any idea how class-based views work or are scared to try them out. I want to help with a solid introduction to the technology.

  • The usual "who I am" bit.
  • Most other things in Django are classes.
    • models
    • forms
    • even templates
  • Views should be classes, too.
  • What view classes are provided by Django.
  • How to create your own mixins to clean up pain points
  • Where function-based views are still handy.
  • Example CBVs for common use cases
    • handling form input for more than one form
    • serving different content based on users


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