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What is Django's Role on Mobile?


Mobile grows bigger each year, but we love the web, and Django. Where does our knowledge and experience fit in this new ecosystem? What kind of a role can Django play on fast-growing platforms like iOS and Android?



  • Django's version of MVC vs. iOS/Android version of MVC
  • How the platforms differ from Django
  • What is similar to Django


  • Easiest way for Django to be used in conjunction with mobile today
  • Big fat requests with lots of data preferable to many smaller requests
  • Authentication best practices for mobile backend APIs


  • Can actually use Django to build your mobile app today
  • JavaScript tricks to get around things like tap delay
  • How much Django is really used vs. how much JavaScript
  • Offline caching
  • Performance issues with this approach


  • Quick look at RubyMotion
  • Turns out it's possible to cross-compile Python for iOS
  • Android has Py4A (including interpreter embedding)
  • What can be done with this? Mobile Django.


  • They are different worlds, need to be careful to respect both
  • Even today Django proves useful as an API layer
  • Django web apps in native wrapper can be a solution, albeit with its issues
  • As hardware gets better, we may see something like an embedded Django


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