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Everybody Loves Migrations


Everybody Loves Migrations

Wednesday 2:45 p.m.--3:30 p.m.

Audience level: Intermediate


Times are changing - schema migrations are finding their way into core Django and becoming quite different in the process. Come and learn what's happening, why it's being done this way, and how you can best start using them. Abstract

This year has seen a lot of changes on the migration front. After a successful Kickstarter, schema migrations have been finding their way into core Django, and they're not quite the South migrations you're used to.

Don't worry though - behind every one of the new features or changes is five years of learning and experimentation, and this is where you can come and hear not only what's new and how best to use it, but also why it was done that way and the challenges that came up as part of it.

Among other topics, this should cover squashing, branch merge detection, custom fields, using raw SQL and data migrations with Python code.


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