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Trial by Fire: real world performance optimization


Trial by Fire: real world performance optimization

Tuesday 12:15 p.m.--1 p.m.

Audience level: Intermediate


Your site is slow. But why is your site slow? There are a myriad of different problems that can cause this slowness. Drawn from real world experiences, this talk will help identify different problem areas and techniques for increasing performance. This involves both evaluating your performance on the backend and understand bottlenecks on the frontend. Abstract

This talk is will share with the audience our experience of improving page load performance on a site. Performance evaluation is a scary thing, especially for the inexperienced. This talk is not purely a "How to Optimize Django" as it will discuss various aspects of what makes a site appear slow to the end user.

What is slow? - How to identify where the problem and where to start

Performance Evaluation: - Django performance evaluation through middleware and debug toolbar - Browser performance evaluation through firebug, chrome developer toolkit, and third party tools, etc.

Performance Enhancement: - Reducing SQL queries - Leveraging server-side caching - fragment caching - lower level caching - using a database connection pooler - asset compression - CDN for media delivery - ajax page loading - message queues


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