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Managing Identities: LDAP, Google Directory, and Django


Managing Identities: LDAP, Google Directory, and Django

Universities and other enterprises often deploy a complex mix of systems for managing identities and permissions for students, faculty and staff. Standard LDAP, Google Apps for Education/Enterprise, Student Information Systems, hiring systems, CAS/Single Sign-On, and more must all work together without conflicts or delays. At the California College of Arts, we've created a Django-based system to help end-users and staff create and manage identities, passwords, groups, permissions, and more. Scot Hacker will demonstrate the system and provide a tour of its strictly decoupled internals. The system is unusual in that it uses almost no data modeling of its own, relying instead on communication via python-ldap, Google and Workday APIs, and old-school file shuffling to negotiate communications with other systems.

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