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Building Dynamic Dashboards With Django and D3


DjangoCon US 2016 - Building Dynamic Dashboards With Django and D3 by Clinton Dreisbach

Django does a great job of building dynamic web applications, but it's not always clear how to use it for a single-page JavaScript-driven application like a data dashboard. We will walk through a dashboard built with Django for emergency services data and dig into the following questions.

How do I serve data up to my dashboard? We'll show how the Django REST Framework can make this easy. How do I allow deep linking to particular queries on my dashboard? We'll use django-url-filter to transform a URL hash into a database query. How do I get statistical calculations like quartiles out of Django? We'll stretch the Django ORM to use PostgreSQL's powerful statistics functions. How do I make all of this work with D3? We'll have a brief survey of how D3 works and see how to plug data from Django into it.


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