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Entomology 101: Effective Bug Hunting


DjangoCon US 2016 - Entomology 101: Effective Bug Hunting by Frank Wiles

From Frank's his early childhood of having a simple ant farm, up to and including his long experience in the deepest, most pristine, and undisturbed wilds of the Internet, his experience has honed his abilities to find and identify bugs. Learn some of the best tools of the trade that will help in your daily hunts.

Bug hunting tech you will learn about:

django-debug-toolbar pdb/ipdb using iPython embed effectively using Python logging so you don't need to use the last quite so often Bug hunting is all about visibility. You may have the best net ever invented, but you can't catch a bug you can't see. Sure, you can spend all day turning over rocks and hope for the best or you can gear up with the tried and true night vision goggles all the pros use.


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