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Git in Control, Version Control and How it Could save Your Life


Git in Control, Version Control and How it Could save Your Life by Rachell Calhoun

“You can’t break GitHub, don’t worry.” Maybe you can’t break it but you can sure get yourself into a labyrinth of git commands. Version control can be a headache but it can also save your project.

There are certain pitfalls to avoid when using Git, I’ve probably found most of them and stumbled my way out. While my goal is to help you avoid them altogether, I also want to give you the skills to work through these pitfalls so you can make it out alive and with your project intact.

Whether you’re working on your own project, or collaborating with others you can learn how to git survive anything. We’ll discuss the benefits version control has for your own projects as well as projects with others.

For all of you awesome collaborators working with others on a project, we’ll go over important steps to take while handling others’ code and ‘gitiquette’ so you can save yourself the embarrassment of faux pas in the git world.

My goal is to give you an overview of Github flow, provide solutions for potential problems you may encounter, and help you feel more comfortable with version control.


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