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How we used NLP and Django to build a movie suggestion website & Twitterbot


The Cleveland International Film Festival (CIFF) is a two-week long event featuring hundreds of foreign, independent, and new films making their debut on the silver screen. For anyone less than a film buff, choosing a movie to watch at the film fest is a hard choice: there are no reviews, no IMDb info, and no Netflix/Hulu suggestions. Yes, it’s truly byzantine in that one must actually read all the movie descriptions to decide which one to watch.

With a handful of Python libraries, and 2 days, we developers at CodeRed built a movie recommendation engine for the CIFF. This talk outlines each step we took to build the recommendation engine, website, and twitterbot all centered around a Django project. Overall, this talk offers a complete look at the various parts and pieces that go into building a feature-full Django site, as well as exposure to doing entry-level Artificial Intelligence in Python.


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