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Pushing The Pony's Boundaries - Django Admin Customization


DjangoCon US 2016 - Pushing The Pony's Boundaries - Django Admin Customization by Ola Sitarska

  1. Short introduction

  2. Run through available extension libraries and what’s possible in them:
    • Django Suit
    • Grappeli
    • Django Admin Tools
  3. Quick run through available Django Admin options.
    • list_display, list_filter, list_editable, search_fields, ordering, sortable
    • readonly_fields
    • raw_id_fields
    • fieldsets
    • actions
  4. Customizing Django Admin on your own. Let’s create a super custom Django Admin together! The case study of website, that supports a management system for various users who should be able to only manage pages they’re assigned to.
    • Limiting objects to users
    • Displaying computed fields in list page
    • Limiting add/edit forms for different types of users
    • Automatically saving information per user
    • Custom actions
  5. Summary
    • Instructions where to look for more information
    • Improve Admin (, open source wohoo!)
    • Mention about Django Admin 2


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