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Stress Testing Your Code of Conduct...


Stress Testing Your Code of Conduct in Production by Ola Sendecka & Baptiste Mispelon

The Django and Python communities have made codes of conducts a standard feature for many years now. But what exactly is a code of conduct? How does it work in practice? Why do we need them? What you should report? What are the consequences of having one?

We (Ola & Baptiste) have been working as CoC points of contacts at many conferences for the past few years: EuroPython 2014, DjangoCon Europe (2015 and 2016), and Django Under the Hood (2014, 2015). This has given us a unique insight into the inner workings and practical implications of codes of conducts and we want to share it with the Django community.

The talk will start with a brief history of codes of conducts. From then, we'll go over some of the challenges and pitfalls of implementing a CoC in our communities or events. After that, we'll show how CoC work in practice and answer some common questions about them. We will then briefly talk about how lessons learnt from CoC world can be applied successfully in your daily job to grow supportive and strong teams. Finally, we'll finish off by showing the new standardized CoC processes that we've been working on.

With this talk, we want to continue the process we've started of bringing CoC to the front of the stage, making them more transparent and less taboo. We believe that CoC are an essential part of any community and we'd like to share our vision for how we think ours should work.


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