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django-rdflib and postgresql - the best of both worlds


[EuroPython 2011] Stefan Talpalaru - 21 June 2011 in "Track Ravioli"


rdflib is a python library implementing a database with various triples back- end, parser, data serializers, SPARQL is a Python interface to extract/insert triples. We integrated it in Django reusing the database connection and exposing an ORM interface, along with full-text search on literals. This presentation shows a django-rdflib case study with a PostgreSQL backend in Brain Architecture Management System - a neuroscientific project for the University of Southern California. Benefits of the flexible RDF structure will be shown, allowing researchers to insert free format data, making data public with a customizable serialization and use the powerful full-text search integrated in PostgreSQL.

Objective: show attendees an effective combination of RDF, PostgreSQL full- text search and Django ORM via django-rdflib.

Requirements: Django familiarity.


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