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Social Network Analysis in Python


[EuroPython 2011] Enrico Franchi - 23 June 2011 in "Track Lasagne"


Network Analysis has gained a huge recognition since the widespread adoption of on-line social networking systems. It is a cross-disciplinary subject with important contributions from researchers of different areas such as physics, sociology, maths and computer science.

However, Network Analysis is also a useful tool for the working programmer. The basic techniques which will be introduced in this talk can be used, for example, both to i) test the robustness and resilience to damage of a technological network and ii) understand the structure of a social network, which can in turn lead to insight on trends and preferences gathering information from modern on-line social networking systems.

Along with the concepts, working Python code is presented, both using existing network analysis Python tools and numeric packages. The focus is mainly placed on code, which will be shown and discussed together with the formal theory.

Basic maths skills and basic knowledge of the Python programming language are the only suggested prerequisites.


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