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Using Storm to work with SQL databases


[EuroPython 2011] Jamu Kakar - 24 June 2011 in "Track Tagliatelle "


Storm is an object relational mapper for SQL databases, with builtin support for PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite. It was designed and implemented as part of the Landscape project at Canonical in mid-2006 and was open sourced in mid-2007. Since then it's been used in a variety of projects, in production for many years, and has received numerous enhancements and bug fixes. The features of Storm will be explained with a series of examples and with discussion about what's happening in each one. In addition to describing the concepts and features that a developer needs to understand, a variety of best practices will be shared, to help developers make the best use of Storm.

The examples in this talk assume that participants have a good understanding of SQL, transactions, relationships between tables and other common database concepts.


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