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Health for geeks: feel better, save money, live longer by being lazy


[EuroPython 2012] N Larosa - 4 JULY 2012 in "Track Ravioli"


Take care of the most important thing, your psychophysical well-being, and be efficient about it. You don’t need to be hungry (well, just a little bit), do lots of exercise (well, just a little bit) and spend a lot of time and money (well, just a little bit… uhm, there seems to be a pattern :-) ). You just need to take care of your body using the same thing that lets you program computers: your mind. No, the human body is not “a machine”, as it’s often said: it’s much more complex than that. Nonetheless, knowledge of a few facts, some guiding principles, and some tech tools (we’re geeks after all, aren’t we? :-) ) can definitely improve your life. Warning: this speaker is not a doctor, and this talk is not medical advice. Get the advice of a qualified doctor/physician before changing your diet and/or your physical regimen. Neither this speaker nor the conference organization will be liable for any injuries or illnesses you may incur by however applying the concepts discussed in this talk.


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