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Making DISQUS realtime


[EuroPython 2012] Adam Hitchcock - 5 JULY 2012 in "Track Spaghetti"


This talk will overview what it took to add realtime to a truly “web scale” app. The result is the DISQUS realtime system, a highly concurrent system for allowing web clients to subscribe to arbitrary events in the DISQUS infrastructure. The talk will be about 30 minutes with an extended Question/Answer/Open discussion time (because your ideas are good too!). Overview of the architecture (redis + gevent + flask) and why those choices were made Numbers! how much concurrency and msg/s we are supporting with realtime How we baked high availability into the application, not just the infrastructure Overview of the hardware involved Lessons learned (what broke hard, what worked awesome) Suggested audience experience: Medium/Advanced level experience Familiarity with Flask, Gevent/Eventlet would be really good.


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